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3 Reasons Why Automation Platforms are a MUST For Contractors

Posted by | January 23, 2023

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Automation platforms are becoming increasingly popular among contractors because they can help to streamline processes and save time. Automation platforms provide a range of benefits, from helping contractors to manage their workload more efficiently to providing access to valuable data and insights.

Here are three reasons why automation platforms are beneficial for contractors:

Automate Those "Annoying" Tasks

I remember when I first started my house painting business and had so much trouble keeping up with all of the “things”. And by “things” it was as simple as frantically looking for the email address the lady spelled out for me a few hours ago on the phone while I was driving trying to gather her information. I think we can all agree that we’ve been there.

In that same scenario of a customer calling you to schedule an estimate while you’re driving, an automation platform like DripJobs allows you the ability to send a text message with a booking link directly to the customer, and from there, the customer can easily fill out their contact details, how they heard about you, their appointment details, and their meeting date & time preference all in one shot. Once a customer fills out the form, DripJobs automatically sends out a text message and an email to the customer within seconds.

For me to accomplish this a few years ago would’ve required me to pull over, write down the information, head to my “notes” section of my phone, copy and paste a pre-written message to the customer’s email. A complete waste of time, and incredibly inefficient. (This is best case scenario, most times, I wouldn’t even bother sending a follow-up)

Everyone's Organized Without You Doing Anything

Second, automation platforms provide access to valuable data which can be used for marketing purposes or as a way of tracking progress. It doesn’t take much for things to get messy - I liken this to my kitchen sink.

It seems as though every time I have it clean, it doesn’t take but a few hours of use for it to be filled to the brim with dishes. I’ve found, the best way to keep a clean sink is to stay on top of it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if as soon as I place a dish in the sink, the sink would automatically clean & organize the dish for me? Well, a good automation platform like DripJobs won’t clean the dish, but it’ll definitely organize it. (Referencing the customer of course).

As a contractor, you have to understand that each customer you interact with will find themselves in a different “buying stage” - without automation, updating the “stage” of each of these customers on a daily basis would be incredibly difficult.

DripJobs automatically organizes customers based on actions that are taken by you, or the customer. For example, referencing the customer in the last point, after the customer fills out the booking form, DripJobs will automatically categorize that customer in the “Estimate Requested” stage of the Sales Pipeline without you having to lift a finger.

Stop "Guessing" if Marketing is Actually Working

Finally, automation platforms also provide insights into customer behavior which can be used by contractors to better understand their target audience and tailor their services accordingly.

The most popular question amongst all home-service businesses is: “How’d you hear about us?” and rightfully so. Understanding where new leads find you is essential to identifying key indicators of whether or not a marketing channel is worth investing, or re-investing in.

However, keeping track of this manually is near impossible. It’s not just important to know where the lead heard about you, but it’s vitally important to see if said lead converts to a customer, and for how much revenue.

An automation platform like DripJobs not only tracks where the customer heard about you, but it will follow the customer through the buying cycle and help you easily identify how much money that customer has spent with you.

Over the course of a month, or a year, DripJobs will provide insight on specific marketing channel revenue without you having to do anything!

DripJobs Sales Pipeline

These are just a few examples of the endless benefits having an automation system in your contracting business would afford you. Give DripJobs a try today - all plans come with a free 14-Day trial!

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